Sunday, December 18, 2011

The role of planners

I was read an article by Mildred Warner regarding "Child care and Economic Development : The Role of Planners". It is a good article actually. This article opened my eyes on the scope of planner which is not only focus on development and economy but the truth is "PLANNING is EVERYTHING". It makes me proud of my field. Ok..let move on to the input of this article.

Firstly, the writers touch on the problem facing among working parents nowadays where they need a place or person to take care of their children. The problems is not only to FIND a place or a PERSON to take care of their children, BUT the financial problem caused this scenario become serious. In addition, an increasing in living cost give pressure among parent especially for low income family. 

Warner, Ribeiro and Smith 2003 stated that child care is now being recognized as part of the social infrastructure for economic development. The writer said that the challenge of child care extends beyond the concerns of working families. It affects land use planning, economic development strategies and both public and private finance.

Basically, there are three fundamental issues :
1. The structural challenges of an economy that fails to produce jobs that pay a family wage
2. The lack of workplace policies that support the dual role of parents workers.
3. The failure of planners and policymakers to build an adequate infrastructure for child care in America.

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