Thursday, November 17, 2011


Community Interactive  Space is the theme for my first project. Jeti Semeling, Sg.Petani Kedah has been chosen for my site. I've never been in Kedah and this is the best opportunity to explore and discover what is Kedah actually.... WOW!! PADDY FIELD is the main element in Kedah! That's why the symbol of Kedah is the paddy. There are another 3 groups which is their site at Kedah. 

Kota Kuala Muda (The Bisik2) is site study area for Siddiq, Dila and Shafa, 
Tg.Dawai was chosen by Shila and Shazliza, 
Tikam Batu by Syafiqah and Cathy

Seems that Kedah has many attraction area which has potential to develop either new development or upgrading the place. BTW, Mohd Azahar Yusof is my partner for this project. He is a good buddy, handsome?? haha YOU DECIDE!!. Both of us have our own strength.. :D So, i think, we can deliver our tasks and run it smoothly. Hurmm...EVEN we feel that we have done a good job..BUT there is still need improvements in every single aspect like presentation skills, read more to gain knowledge and refer to others project done by professional planner either local or overseas. Well back to our site, Jeti Semeling is located at Sg. Petani. It's such a wonderful place with mangrove along Sg.Merbok and the Mangrove Complex. Our first impression: 

WOW!!! I fall in love with this place!! Beautiful scenery, facilities is provided for both OKU's and Normal people, the complex is awesome and i was thinking what kind of development need to be done here? Everything was PERFECT!! One of my friend said "Hampa nak develop apa lagi?" 

Even it was perfect (first impression) but LESS VISITOR!! I was surprised and wondering why not many people come here even this place has its attraction. Both of us looked around to find out why this scenario happened at Jeti Semeling.

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