Thursday, November 17, 2011


Land Reclamation is my research topic. This project expose my friend and i on how to do thesis. I like to do something different from others and challenging!! yearghh..!! At first, i want to do research about heritage. I proposed 3 topics..Heritage, Land Use and Land Reclamation. At last, i choose this topic because i found that there are many issues regarding to this activity. It gives impact on social, economy and also   environment. It has pro and con but no matter how successful this activity, it gives serious impact to the environment. The picture shows the development of land reclamation in Singapore. Land reclamation in S'pore was started as early 1820s but in small scale. In 1960s, this activity was carried out in large scale. Based on the picture, it looks amazing at night with thousands light and we need to pay for these :

Loss of Mangrove/wetlands
Damage to sensitive marine habitat
Impact on coastal processes/ coastal erosion
Impedance of natural drainage

BTW, my site study area located along Jelutong Expressway, Pulau Pinang. FYI, there is new development which is land reclamation activity. It's under IJM Land Corporation Berhad called "THE LIGHT WATERFONT". Below is the image of THE LIGHT WATERFRONT by the designer.

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